Maximizing Your Tradeshow Experience

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From 12:00 Eastern until 12:45 Eastern

At A Virtual Zoom Meeting - A link will be emailed to you after registration


Join your peers for an interactive discussion on best practices to engage your customers for the upcoming SAC Tradeshow.

You will have the opportunity to share ideas you have found successful, as well as learn from other professionals what has worked (and what hasn't worked) for them.  There will be breakout room discussions and large group debriefs to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to share and learn from each other!

This is not your typical webinar where you sit and listen to one or two people talk.  This will be an facilitated, interactive discussion, facilitated by Dr. Johnny Walker - the President of IntegrityATL.  You will receive a calendar invitation with ZOOM link instructions in the notes section once you register.

So register now, and on the day of the lunch and learn, grab your favorite drink and snack and prepare for a great discussion with your peers so you can Maximize Your Tradeshow Experience!

There are 28 people coming.

There are 71 places available.

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