Integrity Coaching Public Seminar


Learn a values based coaching process to coach your people to the next level!

From 10:00 until 1:30 eastern

At a virtual setting. Zoom meeting information will be emailed upon registration and payment.

$1,500.00 (Deposit $500.00 per person)

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Integrity Coaching is a values based coaching process.  It is delivered in a two day virtual kick off with eight weekly 1 1/2 hour virtual follow ups. 

During the kick off you will learn:

  • A values-based coaching model
  • How to move people off plateaus
  • How to expand people’s belief boundaries
  • How to set and Achieve SMARTER goals
  • How to coach to different Behavior Styles™
  • How to coach to both skills and attitudes

Here is what Integrity Coaching Graduates have to say:

A global survey of 300 leaders who graduated from Integrity Coaching® revealed:

  • 73% learned to ask better questions
  • 65% better understood what motivated the person
  • 63% learned to listen to the person more effectively
  • 53% discovered fear that were holding the person back
  • 45% discovered goals the person wanted to reach
  • 43% learned why the individual performed at their current level
  • 100% would recommend Integrity Coaching®

Virtual Training Schedule

All sessions will be conducted online via virtual Zoom meetings.  Once you register and pay, you will receive your materials by mail, and the log in information for the virtual kick off seminars and the online follow ups.

Kick Off Seminars

The two half-day kick off seminars will be on:

  • Monday, September 1st from 10:00 – 1:30 eastern
  • Tuesday, September 2nd from 10:00 – 1:30 eastern

Follow Up Sessions

There will be 8 weekly 1 ½ hour virtual follow ups where you will report back on your coaching sessions and Integrity Coaching® work that week.  You will be required to coach two people each week, as well as to fill out the work for that week reviewing several of the Integrity Coaching principles covered in the kick off sessions.

The follow ups will be held virtually on Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:30 eastern time.  They will begin on September 8th, with graduation on October 27th.

Full payment is required before the beginning of the course. 

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